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Natural Bleach Laundry Booster | Refill

Natural Bleach Laundry Booster | Refill

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Natural Laundry Whitener + Brightener keeps white white and colours bright. It's 100% sodium percarbonate, a natural and eco-friendly bleaching agent that's non-toxic for humans or the planet. The perfect biodegradable alternative to harsh bleach.

Ingredients Sodium percarbonate

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The Unscented Company is located in Montréal, Quebec

Products may be manufactured in the EU

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The Unscented Company


We must reflect before we act, before we consume. Find new ways to clean, rinse, and dry. Decide that being clean means leaving the smallest footprint possible. That's our goal, with the mission of contributing to the elimination of single-use plastic.

Today, our mission matters more than ever.
It's time we all move in the same direction.
Together is the only way we can redefine the notion of clean.