The concept of Oh Beehive started in 2017 when I was working an office job and I was on the look out for an alternative to plastic wrap for my lunches. I started making Beeswax Food Wraps as a hobby. My coworkers were excited and curious about the product. They quickly became my very first customers and some of my biggest supporters. At this point, and for some time after, Oh Beehive headquarters was first created at the kitchen table.

From there, Oh Beehive grew and I moved into my own production space (2020) and started manufacturing on a much larger scale to meet the demand of my online store and local stockists. In early 2022 I opened by first storefront, Oh Beehive! Eco Goods Co. Available in store are my Oh Beehive products as well as locally sourced Refillable Goods.

 With a mission to offer sustainable alternatives that are more reliable than Single Use Plastic options, Oh Beehive continues to grow and become something I could have never envisioned or dreamed of.

I and Oh Beehive will keep pressing forward, enabling people to make small changes in their daily habits that encourage and help us to care for our planet.