Instructions | Rejuvenating Waxing Donuts

There are many ways to use these little gems. These are my two most recommended options!

Oven Method (Electric Oven)
Use: as a spot treatment for your wraps

What you'll need:
- Baking tray
- Parchment paper
- Oven
- Tea towel/oven mitt
- Tongs/Clothes Pins

1. Pop your waxing donuts in the freezer for approx. 15 minutes
2. Use a cheese grater or a zester to fully grate one donut (you can also use a sharp knife to chop it into tiny pieces or shavings)
3. Using a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, place your beeswax wrap on top and spread your shavings onto the ‘tired’ spots of your wraps
4. Pop into the oven at 100 degrees for about 5-10 minutes (until the entire beeswax wrap looks shiny and wax seems to have melted)
5. Watch the oven VERY carefully as beeswax can burn easily.
6. Once all the wax has melted and your beeswax wrap looks "shiny", remove your baking sheet from the oven
7. Before your beeswax wrap starts to cool, remove it from the parchment paper and fan in the air until dry to the touch (using either tongs or wooden clothes pins. Be careful, wax will be hot!)
8. If wrap is still warm, gently lay it down and let rest for approx. 10 minutes before using it.

Ironing Method
Use: If your wraps are more tired and need a bit more love than just a spot treatment. This process helps distribute the wax more evenly.

What you'll need
- Iron
- Ironing Board
- Parchment Paper

1. Cut two pieces of parchment paper (a few inches larger than the size of the beeswax wrap that you're rejuvenating)
2. Sandwich your beeswax wrap between the two pieces of parchment paper, on top of an ironing board
4. Using one rejuvenating donut at a time, place one on the centre of the beeswax wrap (between parchment)
5. Use your iron set at a low temperature and place your iron on top of parchment paper, while melting the donut between the fabric and parchment. 
6. Once it's melted, use the iron to slowly maneuver melted wax around the beeswax wrap, making sure to reach all 4 corners.
7. If your wrap seems to still require more wax, use a second donut and repeat the same process
8. Before your wrap starts to cool, carefully peel away top piece of parchment paper
9. Pick it up at two top corners with either your finger tips (but be careful!) or a set of kitchen tongs, or paper clips.
10. Fan it through the air for about 30 seconds until it has 'hardened'
11. Let wrap sit for at least 10 minutes before putting it to use again

Note: if your wrap cools before you peel the parchment paper off, re-melt it with the iron and try again! It should be removed from the parchment paper "cleanly" without sticking or peeling off the paper.