Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

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 What do I do with a new set of Oh Beehives?
Once you untie them, keep them safe! Unfold them and crinkle them up with your hands to activate the beeswax and start using them however you choose! They can be used in so many ways with just the warmth of your hands.

What should I use my Oh Beehive Beeswax Wraps on?
Keep your food fresh by wrapping your leftovers (such as cut fruits and veggies) and storing them in the fridge. Cover plates, bowls, or casseroles. Fold them around snacks and take them on your next adventure.

How to clean Beeswax Food wraps 
You can easily hand-wash your lovely wraps with mild dish soap under ‘room temperature’ water with a soft sponge. Hang to dry.
CAUTION: Using COLD water may shock the Beeswax, and using very HOT water will extract the Beeswax mixture out of the cotton. Please be careful not to ruin your lovely little wraps.

The ‘DO NOTs’ of Oh Beehive Beeswax Food Wraps 
We at Oh Beehive suggest that you do not use your Wraps to cover raw meat, fish, or poultry.

How long do Beeswax Food Wraps last? 
Depending on how you are Oh Beehiving, our Food Wraps could last up to six months or more with proper care.

How should I dispose of them?
When your wrap has reached the end of its life (i.e. once it gives up on keeping your food fresh for days) it can be cut up and added to your compost bin. Our ingredients are naturally biodegradable and earth friendly. No plastic here!